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A real  challenge facing global businesses and international online sellers is ensuring VAT compliance across multiple jurisdictions is maintained. Constant changes to rules, regulations and legislation add to the complexity of VAT compliance.

Do You Need To Register For VAT/GST In Other Countries?
Litvin Muir’s experienced VAT compliance team, determine and identify in which countries your company needs to register for VAT and in which countries you do not have to. We manage your VAT/ GST registration where registration is required, and we manage your on-going VAT/GST return filing requirements in each of these jurisdictions.
Multi-Jurisdictional VAT Compliance Across The Globe
  jurisdiction registration (single or multi-jurisdictions)
  ongoing submission of VAT/GST returns,
  Submission of Intrastats and EC Sales Lists in Europe.
Our consulting services help you cover all bases for compliance

Our compliance team ensures you meet all your VAT compliance obligations wherever registered.

  • determine registration obligations
  • process registrations
  • provide continued compliance activities.

Our compliance service is comprehensive and includes filing VAT returns at the requisite intervals in all jurisdictions.

Combined with our consultancy and advisory services, you will  be  taken care of efficiently, effectively and professionally.

Whether you have one or multiple VAT registration requirements across the globe, we can help ensure complete and correct registration, and, that VAT declarations are submitted accurately and on time .

Our network of certified tax advisors ensures local compliance and local fiscal representation where necessary, and overcome any language barriers.

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