Creating value for your clients

In the VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world, professional service providers, with their specialized knowledge in niche areas of interest, help clients focus on core business concerns.

Most clients lack in-house technical expertise and hence are supported by professionals. They help companies adapt to a change and stay ahead of  competition. They help clients manage, support and grow their businesses by providing services in a wide array of areas.

Although cost savings is still an all important consideration in using professional services, companies are becoming much more strategic, and are assessing benefits such as value creation, operational flexibility, and competitive advantage when considering what services to outsource versus which to keep in house.

Litvin Muir provides support to service providers as they streamline operations, empower their people, and exploit innovation.

How to improve productivity?

Like the clients they serve, professional service firms need to work harder to achieve higher productivity without adding substantial cost. Leaner processes, new operating models, digitalization and automation, and better management of people all have an important role to play.

Identifying the opportunities and designing tailored solutions we design is part of what have earned Litvin Muir its enviable reputation.

A holistic approach

Litvin Muir’s approach is a holistic one, taking into account the needs of the business as a whole.

Our skilled team all have hands-on practical experience in the tasks that they assess and solutions they recommend. We deal in results, not reports, helping implement as well as designing change, whilst sharing risks and rewards with our clients.

Identifying and seizing opportunities

Professional service providers all have their own pressures and priorities. We have developed tools to identify issues and opportunities and solutions to resolve those needs, enabling us to create value for clients.

Funding R&D

Innovation strategies need to be sustainable and drive competitive advantage. From applied IT and software solutions to compliance monitoring tools, professional services companies are investing in research and development. But without close knowledge of relief schemes, opportunities to recoup this spending through tax credits are wasted.

Each year, we recover vast sums of money for clients across multiple tax jurisdictions, boosting bottom lines and ongoing innovation.

Operations performance

Optimizing operational efficiency and minimizing costs is fundamental to the optimal performance of any business, especially in environments where input costs are continually increasing.

Our experts assess operations objectively and provide an accurate analysis of indirect spending. Our analysis identifies opportunities to reduce costs, save, and optimize processes.

Our goal is to maintain or enhance quality and service while minimizing costs. We deliver substantial savings for our clients.

Streamlining sales tax

Sales Taxes are increasingly complex and can be extremely costly. Managing multiple taxes is a burden for any business, let alone one operating across borders. Sales taxes are the most commonly overlooked, or ignored, tax, and can be the most expensive to any organization.

For almost 20 years our team have been helping multitudes of companies reduce their sales tax costs, reclaim overpaid sales taxes and increase profitability.

Professional service providers, like any other business, are susceptible to sales tax bleed, as experience borne witness. Our team have assisted multiple professional service entities reclaim and recover significant sums of overpaid sales taxes, as well as streamline systems and processes to prevent future sales tax leakage.

Empowering people

High-performing companies have employees who are fully engaged and committed to the goals of the business. This requires hiring and training the right people, which can be costly. We help you access grants for onboarding and training, allowing you to attract and grow the talent you need to move your business forward.

By investing in your human capital, you can enhance commitment, quality of life at work, change management, and employee health and wellbeing.

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