As input costs rise along with regulatory pressures, logistics companies must also navigate new competitive threats and opportunities as digital disruption accelerates.

Litvin Muir helps you fund your innovative projects, as well as reduce your costs,  steering and supporting your organization so you reach your strategic goals.

Guiding transformative change

From the supply chain through to the last mile of customer delivery, the cost-effectiveness of logistics is under intense scrutiny. From third-party to fifth-party logistics (3PL to 5PL), clients and service providers are adopting alternative business models and emerging technologies.

Logistics companies need to take a strategic approach to innovation, people engagement, operations performance and digitalization to compete and to remain competitive.

At Litvin Muir we help our clients secure their position, anticipate future challenges and accelerate growth.

A holistic approach

We know the bigger picture. Our teams draw on specialist expertise and hands-on experience in a range of business-critical areas, including operational efficiency, innovation, digitalization, people performance, and finance.

Our consultants are working in over 15 countries across numerous sectors, adding to our exceptional track record of creating proven value for clients.

By blending the skills of specialists – in innovation and cost optimization – we devise solutions that serve the different and sometimes competing or opposing needs across your organization, so we can generate greater value than a function-centric fix.

At Litvin Muir, we share risks and rewards with our clients, delivering results, not reports.

Anticipating threats and opportunities

 Each organization has its own particular challenges and priorities. Litvin Muir has developed a suite of services, proven in the field, to optimize business operations.

Managing innovation

Faster, cheaper, more transparent and less polluting – the bar is set high for logistics operators and it’s rising.

A train of emerging technologies – from big data to automation, artificial intelligence to the internet of things – is driving innovation by providers and clients. Data analytics can save millions of liters of fuel and boost productivity across a national van delivery network. Blockchain-enabled refrigerated containers can minimize temperature variations, reducing food and energy wastage.

We help clients obtain the funding required to innovate, as well as reduce indirect costs, so they can focus on their operations.

The learning curve can be steep. Where you already have technical in-house expertise, we use our expertise to help you navigate the funding landscape, and our data to benchmark your costs. Where those internal resources are lacking, we become the helping hand you need to move forward in the most cost-effective way possible.

We provide a competitive advantage by helping companies reap the tax credits they deserve for research and development (R&D). Globally, hundreds of clients each year recover millions of dollars with our support. Often this is for expenditures that would otherwise go unclaimed – be it for software, inventory management systems, customer data analytics, or data security, among many examples.

Operations performance

Optimizing operational efficiency and costs is fundamental to the performance of any business, not least when input costs are rising.

We gauge the true state of operations and provide transparency of indirect spending. Drawing on the first-hand experience, benchmarking data and our own methodology, our analysis will identify opportunities to save and to optimize processes.

Our aim is always to enhance quality and service while optimizing costs. Across the logistics sector, we deliver substantial savings for our clients.

Streamlining sales tax

Taxation is increasingly complex. Managing multiple taxes is a burden for any business, let alone one operating across borders.

As with transport operations or procurement, increasing efficiency in tax management can release cash and drive competitive advantage.

Working within multidisciplinary teams, our tax specialists analyze your position and identify opportunities to reduce liabilities, recover tax and maximize credits.

Empowering people

High-performing companies have employees who are fully engaged and committed to the goals of the business. This requires hiring and training the right people, which can be costly. We help you access grants for on-boarding and training, allowing you to attract and grow the talent you need to move your business forward.

By investing in your human capital, you can enhance commitment, quality of life at work, change management, and employee health and well-being.

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