Global Trading
Global Trading
Whether divisions, branches, subsidiaries or customers, it has never been so easy to do business in other countries. Incurring VAT costs across the world is also commonplace. VAT is levied by 166 countries in the free world. VAT rates can be as high as 27%, and, treated incorrectly, result in a direct reduction in profits.
OECD (Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation)
OECD (Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation) The OECD conducted a global survey and identified that the majority of businesses don’t recover all international VAT that they are entitled to. To read the survey visit OECD website at:
Our 23 point VATassure Review identifies VAT incorrectly paid or not claimed completely. Depending on jurisdiction, we can recover overpayments or unclaimed VAT for up to 5 years.
Different countries have different rules and regulations. These rules cover obligations and VAT input tax entitlement, or what you can recover. These entitlements go way beyond Travel costs. Contact us to find out what your entitlements are – you’ll be happily surprised !!!!!

”The findings were significant and definitely have positive impact on our results.”

Peter D.North America, Tax Director

Litvin Muir identified a hidden issue in our global logistics flow, recovering significant amounts, and helping us prevent similar issues in the future.”

Christina JGlobal Controller


We’ve recovered multimillions of $’s, €’s and £’s for clients across the Globe, many of them household names. The recoveries and savings go straight to the bottom line  and most often turn into immediate cashflow. We customize our proven VAT review to individual client needs and situations.  The review regularly results in enhanced processes that prevent similar issues in the future. We then recover those lost profits for you, generating immediate cash and improved cashflow, leaving nothing to chance.

Trading Internationally?

You are definitely incurring unnecessary VAT costs. Our experience shows year after year that 87% of companies don’t recover all the VAT/GST that they are entitled to.

Our technical experts have the knowledge, experience and know-how, to navigate the volumes of legislation, memoranda, technical guides and commentary to ensure that you consider all aspects when researching commodity tax issues. Let our department do the research for you, or use us as a sounding board for your research.


Companies conducting high volumes of transactions involving multiple vendors can easily overlook substantial disbursements which over time can have an impact on the bottom line. The risk of overlooking VAT charges increases dramatically when trading internationally. The following list highlights just a few of the reasons:

  •  Lack of knowledge of jurisdiction legislation
  •  Different VAT disclosure rules
  •  Unclear vendor contract terms
  •  Unfamiliarity with VAT processes
  •  VAT buried in transaction costs

Without regular monitoring and increased awareness of where and how over payment can occur, the combination of these elements creates room for further inaccurate tax capturing leading to frequent errors and lost profits.