With years of international VAT registration experience, our team can help eliminate the burden of completing registration applications. Our extensive knowledge of the registration requirements in different jurisdictions around the world will ensure that all of your filing is done accurately and efficiently, allowing your company to be eligible to receive optimal returns.

Our comprehensive evaluation and reporting ensures that our clients are fully aware of their assessment position and provides recommendations to minimize liabilities and errors going forward.

Language barriers, constantly changing legislation, and obligation requirements add layers of complexity to an already difficult subject. In addition, these vary by jurisdiction. Our team of experts and our agents can eliminate the burden and the uncertainty for you and act as your outsourced VAT department. We ensure you stay compliant and file requisite returns on a timely basis.

Our complimentary assessment helps you determine where your company needs to be registered for VAT/GST with confidence.


Take advantage of our 14 Point Compliance check to assess if your business has any potential exposure or liabilities. We customize our 14 Point Compliance check for your enterprise to identify any processes that might have slipped through the cracks, and might result in costly penalties and interest.


Once registered, you will be required to submit periodic statutory returns. Returns have to be filed annually, quarterly or monthly.

Sales Tax charged on sales must be declared on each return. You are allowed to claim back (or deduct) any Sales Taxes paid out other than taxes on disallowed expenses.

Depending on your periodic transaction values, your business might need to pay any surplus owing to the tax authorities or request a refund of amounts due to you.


We have various offices/agents in 31 countries around the world.


Accuracy with Federal, Provincial and International Tax Departments.


Refund Success. Litvin Muir has recovered millions of dollars for businesses across the world.

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