Advisory & Research

The Excise Tax Act, combined with the multitude of GST/HST guides, memoranda and technical bulletins can prove to be a minefield of information. Navigating through these can prove to be extremely confusing and time consuming. Let us help guide you through the maze to get to the best solution for your business. Our client support team is staffed with technical expertise that spans both Federal and Provincial  legislation. Our team is more than qualified to address your concerns be it:​

  • Specific Issue research
  • ​Audit Support research
  • Assessment Objection
  • ​System Design and Set-Up

Audit Assistance

Facing the inevitable audit?  We can help you steer through the audit process, or help object to an audit assessment subsequent to being assessed. Our team have regularly assisted clients through the audit process, liaising with  tax authority personnel, preparing required documentation in a formats that the authorities expect and understand, and being the intermediaries that leave clients free to continue with their day-to-day operations .

​Our 100% success rate dealing with client audit assessment objection is a testament to our expertise and experience. Let us review your audit assessment to determine if it makes sense objecting.

How Litvin Muir Can Help

Let us help you navigate your way through a commodity tax audit. Our knowledge and experience enable us to not only  determine the applicability of tax to specific issues, but also to understand and evaluate the audit techniques applied, and the results assessed.

We scrutinize audit assessments for any audit inaccuracies and to identify any potential savings on assessment.

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