Litvin Muir takes a simple approach to consultancy.

We deliver tangible, measurable, and concise answers for our clients.

Our technical experts have the knowledge, experience, and know-how, to navigate the volumes of legislation, memoranda, technical guides, and commentary to ensure that you consider all aspects when researching commodity tax issues. Let our department do the research for you, or use us as a sounding board for your research.

International Presence with Local Expertise
Our international team can provide compliance services in 32 countries on 4 continents, with wide ranging industry and category experience. Drawing on that international expertise, we provide the expertise necessary to get the answers for you.
Superior Delivery & Consulting Team
We take both a pure and pragmatic approach to research and consulting projects, ensuring you achieve the optimal outcome.
Business In A New Country?
Make sure you are doing it right and minimizing VAT costs…..they can be HUGE.

Our experts can help you navigate all the pitfalls and unnecessary costs and waste.

We help you Overcome language barrier issues and legislation interpretation.
How does new legislation affect your business?
Legislative updates and releases don’t always have the clear answers – our research team have years of experience navigating legislation, updates and departmental practises in jurisdictions around the world. BIG FIRM EXPERTISE WITH A HANDS ON TOUCH!!!


Litvin Muir has recovered millions of dollars for businesses across the world.


Litvin Muir identifies leakage points and provides solutions to prevent future losses.


Litvin Muir consultants are all Senior Financial Professionals with vast industry experience.


Our reviews are conducted independently, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day office routine.
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